Our Process

Principal and Lead Designer, Mark Lavigne will meet with you to walk through the property and discuss the expectations and priorities of the individuals involved. From this discussion, a decision will be made as to what course of action he will take with the design plans. Often, concept drawings will be done and presented to you to best represent the options. For many, these are of a sufficient quality to begin the project. For larger projects, a master plan is typically a better option; these plans will have greater detail showing everything from drainage, electrical, irrigation, hardscape and planting choices. The master plan is often done in phases.


Why Design/Build?

Design/build is also known as Single Source Responsibility, an interactive effort in which all team members – craftsmen, foreman, crew, designer, and client – are involved in the building process from the start, and work as a single entity under contract with the owner. It can produce significant cost and resource savings by

  • Establishing a single source for quality, cost and schedule management.
Eliminating redesign and unnecessary construction drawings.
  • Allowing easier and better communication between project participants.
  • Emphasizing teamwork from concept to finish.
  • Including the owner as an important member of the team.